DODGE METEOR 'Dodge Meteor' Cassette & MP3

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title: 'Dodge Meteor'
catalogue # SMR8
formats: Cassette & MP3
label: Swap Meat


A1 Gravitational Pull (5:21)
A2 Slipstream (4:28)
A3 My Own Hydrogen (4:09)

B1 Energy Bill (4:17)
B2 High Mind (5:21)
B3 100% Insectoid (5:31)

First edition of 50 copies with jelly red tape shells (SOLD OUT) second edition of 30 copies with jelly green tape shells (SOLD OUT) third edition of 50 with purple tape shells now in stock

The eighth release on RS sister label SWAP MEAT

Contains six songs over 30 minutes. The new band of Newcastle's Mike Vest, he of Blown Out, Bong, Lobster Priest, 11Paranoias, Haikai No Ku, Drunk In Hell etc and Italian Matteo Dainese AKA Il Cane, he of Jitterubugs, Zeman, Warfare, So Long Saigon, Il moro e il quasi biondo, Il Mercato Nero, Dodge Meteor, Honeychild Coleman, Meathead, Here, Ulan Bator, Dejligt etc...


Matteo Dainese aka II Cane - Drummer
Mike Vest - Guitars/Bass

For fans of Chrome, White Hills, Psych Rock, Stoner Rock, Luminous Bodies etc

You know the score. Killer shit as always!

Also available digitally via the RS Bandcamp site.