ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS 'Live At Roadburn 2019' LP & 'Fylkingen 2019' Tape

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title: Live At Roadburn 2019 & Fylkingen 2019
catalogue # REPOSELP087/SMR21
format: Black Vinyl LP & Cassette
UPC# 5051142007414

LP Tracklisting (Live At Roadburn 2019)

A1. Intro/Very Much (7:51)
A2. Discomfort (4:37)
A3. Fear Might Harm Others (8:01)

B1. Left (6:36)
B2. Unreleased (6:34)
B3. Just A Little (7:41)

Cassette Tracklisting (Fylkingen 2019)

A1. Intro
A2, Very Much
A3. Discomfort

B1. Fear Might Harm Others
B2. Unreleased
B3. Just A Little

OOCD / Orchestra Of Constant Distress is now adding two live recordings to their oveure of audio documents. An LP from Roadburn Festival, Tilburg 2019 and a cassette from Fylkingen, Stockholm the same year.

A listener might wonder what the concept of “live” means in relationship to this work since there is little evidence of any interest towards the living in this musical operation. The ridged riffs and non-conform sounds seem rather to have its origin in phase of audio regression. Perhaps this is a result from earlier unconscious trauma as the band members have experiences from Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions and Brainbombs.

The band play Supersonic Festival in Birmingham on July 18th.