TSURUBAMI 'Tsukuyomi Ni' CD

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TSURUBAMI 'Tsukuyomi Ni' CD

title: 'Tsukuyomi Ni'
catalogue # REPOSECD02
format: CD

CD Tracklisting

1. Tsukuyomi Ni Kogu (21:25)
2. Ariake Naredo Sayani Terikoso (15:39)
3. Mumyou e Iran (17:51)
4. Itsushika Muragiyu (11:17)

Release Info :

Third album proper from this Japanese trio consisting of Emi Nobuko (Drums) and ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE duo Higashi Hiroshi (Bass) and Kawabata Makoto (Guitar).

All the music on this four song / 66 minute album was completely improvised, and not over-dubbed. The sounds fall through different styles of head splitting walls of sonic noise, quiet introspective lulls and freeform freakouts.