SHIT AND SHINE '229-2299 Girls Against Shit' CD

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SHIT AND SHINE '229-2299 Girls Against Shit' CD

title: '229 2299 Girls Against Shit'
catalogue # REPOSECD022
formats: CD - Minature Gatefold Card Sleeve

CD Tracklisting :

1. Have You Really Thought About Your Presentation? (9:14)
2. Penthouse Is A Must (3:21)
3. 20 Years Of Caring For The Nations Eyes (4:14)
4. USA/MEXICO (2:19)
5. Yes 9 10! (3:18)
6. The Cusp Of Innocence, Prettily (2:04)
7. Girls Against Shit (10:15)
8. Shit No! (2:40)
9. Pissing On A Shed (2:17)
10. Roberts Church Problems (11:24)
11. I'm MAKING My LUNCH!! (1:43)
12. Kolchak The Night Stalker (2:14)
13. Hotel Denmark (You 3 Ass, Pussy, Blow) (4:56)
14. Friseur Nelson (6:43)
15. Kings Heath Shit & Shine Appreciation Society (4:47)
16. People Like You...REALLY! (6:10)
17. Goodbye And Good Gardening (1:48)

Release Info :

Continuing in their usual Riot Season style, what we have on offer here is the bizarre, the puzzling and the downright groovy. The epic, drawn-out single-riff jams that make up their legendary live shows are replaced by their trademark off-the-wall lunacy, making for a fun-packed adventure akin to biking trips with friends, and the local mental as a child.

'229 2299 Girls Against Shit' could be the soundtrack to that summer, the beating of rats with sticks, the shooting of girls with gat guns, swimming in a mang ridden cut and the discovering of dead dogs and maggots. Ah, those were the days my friend ...