DEAD ELEPHANT 'Thanatology' CD

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title: 'Thanatology'
catalogue # REPOSECD028
format: CD

CD Tracklisting :

1. Bardo Thodol (12:51)
2. On The Stem (9:17)
3. Destrudo (4:07)
4. A Teardrop On Your Grave / Downfall Of Xibalba (16:27)

Review Quotes :

"Combining vast swathes of distortion and hulking tectonic rhythms with samples of Italian funeral marches and shards of heavily treated guitar. Dead Elephant are, at least a lot more interesting than most doom bands ... a visceral and immensely satisfying album" ROCK-A-ROLLA

"Genuinely intense and impossible to second guess. Thanatology is an overwhelming work" KERRANG

"One of the most unique approaches to heavy music that you'll hear this year" BIG CHEESE

Release Info :

In their own words ...

In this order of things life sometimes is cruel. Sometimes we feel caught in a strange trap. The events appear to us as a dark spiral and our destiny is get lost in it. There, it’s very difficult to understand what is right and what is wrong. There, something must burn and you must accept to lose it. From the consciousness that some things must die in order to change is born Thanatology, the new album from Dead Elephant out in June for Riot Season.

Thanatology aims to investigate the process of acceptance of loss, a concept particularly timely, son of these transition times.

The conflict that emerge in the feral struggle of the parts is where Dead Elephant made their own research. Musically the core of the album is represented by the meeting between the Dead Elephant music approach and the funeral march of South Italy. The claustrofobic and visceral force that emerge from the album trying to go over the stagnant preconceptions of heavy music speaking to the cerebral and to the bowels. Their powerful sonic assault have a wide range of influences that pass through the heavyness of bands like Cherubs, Jesus Lizard, Colossamite, Melvins, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and the psychedelic attitudes of Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster, Neurosis and Badalamenti soundtracks.

Dead Elephant’s born in 2002 and its first release was SING THE SEPARATION in 2005 (Unfortunate Miracle) followed by LOWEST SHARED DESCENT in 2008 (Robotradio).


Enrico Tauraso: electric guitar, voice, power electronics, samples
Fulvio Grosso: electric bass, voice
Omar Tomaino: drums