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title: 'Verdun'
catalogue # REPOSECD020
formats: CD - Miniature Gatefold Card Sleeve

CD Tracklisting :

1. Prayer Sodden Holes
2. Tears Strike The Mile High Gong (Not On Vinyl Edition)
3. Creeping Barrage

extra info: the CD is pressed as one continuous track (51:55) and contains an exclusive extra extra short piece called 'Tears Strike The Mile High Gong' that is not on the vinyl version.

Release Info :

The eagerly awaited and much delayed (our fault!) new studio album from Black Boned Angel. Described by Rock-A-Rolla magazine as the bands "most sombre and realised work to date", and who are we to argue ?

Sharing a similarly bleak ground to Corrupted, Sunn 0))) and Earth, New Zealand's Black Boned Angel return with their fourth full length album 'Verdun', and perhaps their most sombre and fully-realised work to-date.

The Battle of Verdun was fought between the German and French armies, and was one of the critical battles during World War 1 on the Western Front. It resulted in more than a quarter of a million battlefield deaths and at least half a million wounded. Verdun was the longest battle and one of the most devastating in World War 1 and indeed in history. Over the course of 50 minutes, BBA soundtrack that brutal conflict with their trademark dark ambient drones and doom-laden riffs.

Also available on limited edition black vinyl LP (500 copies only) and exclusive mailorder only grey marble vinyl (100 copies only)