THE SKULL DEFEKTS 'The Black Hand' Vinyl LP

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title: 'The Black Hand'
catalogue # REPOSELP014
formats: Black Vinyl LP

LP Tracklisting :

A1 Skreamer (16:14)
A2 Cut Spider Leg (3:47)
B1 Acid Animal (14:31

Release Info :

The Black Hand is the first part of a trilogy on black vinyl investigating the power of deep drone and extreme sound and the beast that is creativity and sound. The Beast in Man should be exercised, not exorsized. The Black Hand is like something covering your face. It's getting hard to breathe, man. Visions are blurry. But the sound is razorsharp and clear.

The Skull Defekts were for this recording Henrik Rylander on no-input mixing desk and feedback units and Joachim Nordwall on Drone Machine and effects.

Limited edition 500 only vinyl LP. Now comes with a free digital download link. The link will be sent via email as a zip file containing the album in MP3 format.

Black vinyl LP, housed inside thick card sleeve featuring the wonderful artwork of Fredrik Söderberg.