SHIT AND SHINE 'Jealous Of Shit And Shine' Pink Vinyl LP

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title: Jealous Of Shit And Shine
format: Neon Pink Vinyl LP (300 Copies)
catalogue # REPOSELP046
UPC # 6 66017 29051 5


A1. Practicing To Be A Doctor (23:03)

B1. Here Come The Vikings (2:05)
B2. Seeing Life Through A Young Mans Eyes (1:36)
B3. Kitten Mask (2:45)
B4. When Extreme Dogs Go Wrong (5:19)
B5. Unchained Ladies Shopper (4:20)
B6. No Darling, Its A Pentagram (3:19)
B7. Hot Vodka (4:26)

extra info: Neon pink vinyl packaged in a sturdy PVC sleeve with sticker. Comes with download code.

To date, 'Jealous Of Shit And Shine' is the only Shit And Shine album i've released on CD only, and finally it makes it's way onto vinyl .... NINE years late!. Often sited as one of the bands best works (although lets be honest, they continue to release great records to this day in their ever evolving state) Features their early trademark mentalness, and the all time shitters classic 'Practicing To Be A Doctor', which was a main stay in their old multi drummer live set. Killer!

After years of badgering by Mr Clouse, we've finally found a way to make this work. CC has rearranged the tracks and tweaked em especially for this vinyl edition. Only 300 of em for the world so grab one quick if you want one