CULVER-COURTIS 'Culver-Courtis' Test Pressing LP


title: 'Culver-Courtis'
catalogue # REPOSELP06
format: White label test pressing black vinyl LP with A4 press release

This test pressing has no press release. I've lost the file unfortunately.

LP Tracklisting :

A1. Aurraei Ravena Part One (9:12)
A2. U Tex (14:52)
B1. Slouchamorro (13:04)
B2. Aurraei Ravena Part Two (8:12)

Information :

When a new release goes off to the record pressing plant to be manufactured, almost all of the time (it's the labels choice) a set of white label test pressings are made and sent to the label to check everything is as it should be before the rest of the actual pressing is produced. Test pressings usually come in quantities of 5 or 10, depending on how many you ask for and how many folks need to hear and okay it before saying 'yes' to the full production run. This LP is one of those.

They don't come with printed sleeves or printed labels. They are black vinyl LP's with plain white labels (or sometimes i've stamped them with the label logo stamp) in white card sleeves with info sticker attached and an A4 press sheet inside.

In some instances where a release has only ever been issued on coloured vinyl, these black vinyl copies are the only ones in this colour in existence.

Basically, they're for the curious and the collectors out there, They cost me money, and i set the price to reflect this and their rarity. I make no secrect of the fact i'm selling what i have left to spare to help raise funds to go into the production pot which funds the next batch of releases. It always needs topping up and i'd rather someone into these had them and enjoy them.

Thanks Andy