CIRCLE 'Empire' Vinyl LP

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artist: CIRCLE
title: 'Empire'
catalogue # REPOSELP08
format: Black Vinyl LP

LP Tracklisting :

A. Dragon (22.10)
B. Empire (23:43)

Release Info :

Not many bands continue to amaze with each new release these days, but Finnish legends Circle are an exception to the rule. The masters of the hypnotic riff return with a vinyl only release called 'Empire' containing two long tracks called 'Dragon' & 'Empire'.

The album was recorded live earlier this year in Porvoo, Finland but you'd never know it was a live record as there is so much stuff going on its mind-boggling not to mention the production is superb. 'Dragon' sounds like Can jamming with Sunburned Hand Of The Man whilst 'Empire' sounds like the 'take-a-riff and beat it into submission' Circle we already know and love.

This release is vinyl only and limited to 750 copies for the world.

'Empire' was recorded 12.5.2004 at Bar Mary, Porvoo, Finaland by Tuomas Laurila

Mixed and produced August 2004 by Jussi Lehtisalo

Artwork by Musta Kirahvi

Circle at this time were :

Janne Westerlund (Guitars, Vocals)
Mika Rättö (Keyboards, Vocals)
Tomi Leppänen (Drums)
Jussi Lehtisalo (Bass, Guitars, Vocals)
Janne Tuomi (Percussion)
Tuomas Laurila (Sound Engineer)