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MEN OF UNITUS 'Gland Of Hope And Glory' (No Lite) CD

Image of MEN OF UNITUS 'Gland Of Hope And Glory' (No Lite) CD



SUPERB debut album from Hey Colossus offshoot MOU. Highly recommended by me ... for what little that's worth

Release Info (From The Label)

HELLO! Here is a band who would not take it anymore! You've waited for this album to drop - longtime. And you've never even heard of them! It's a queerly wonderful world, you just don't know it. MEN OF UNITUS have completed their debut long playing oracle of a world you never thought you'd want to inhabit. But, LOOK!! You're already knee deep in the stuff and your favourite wallowing pant shoppie is now a fucking Tesco's Last Will & Testament production line, and you've no ideas left in the old tea strainer.

"GLAND OF HOPE AND GLORY", THE psychedelic, blood strewn, Noise Rock Nursery, K-Hole of the summer/winter whatever, is an overblown beast of nightmarestuff. News is that recording was tough/ When you've got the kids AND the fucking culture bobbies knocking your door down, demanding you halt the caving in of their fragile eggshell noggins, every sweet lord given second, that their squall becomes a tinnitisual glory that only a chosen few can handle - you struggle. Live performances, every which way but boredom free, are subject to the halting of mass aggressive face rubbing and eye rolling palsy. Keep em peeled smart guy. Rock Sound magazine's one's to watch for 2009. Wire magazine's ones to remember in 20 years time. You're all doomed and absolved instantly. Solid. Bye!


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