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LA GRANDE ARMÉE 'La Grande Armée' White Vinyl LP



title: 'La Grande Armée'
catalogue # REPOSELP082
format: Vinyl LP / White vinyl 300 copies
shop release date: October 25th 2019

LP Tracklisting :

A1. El Canto De Las Ballenas (7:28)
A2. La Tripa Intergalactica (5:51)
A3. Normandia (7:53)

B1. Misiles Desde Pyongyang (5:24)
B2. Viaje Al Vacio (4:54)

La Grande Armée, were born in November 2017 in the commune of San Pedro de la Paz, VIII region, Republic of Chile. They're an an instrumental band that mixes psychedelic stoner and progressive rock inspired by blues and instrumental rock & roll of the 70's,

The members of "La grande Armée" (Sep. 2019) are:

Juan Carlos Márquez Carmona (Guitars)
Frank The Franker (Bass)
Natalia Vogel (Drums)

La Grande Armée records its first self-titled EP in February 2018 in Ático Records LTDA (Concepción, Chile), published on February 12, 2019 which now gets a limited vinyl release via UK label Riot Season Records in October 2019.

All the recording work was made by the sound engineer Felipe “Arie” Guiñez in Ático Records LTDA (, Serrano street #1060, city of Concepción, Republic of Chile.

This album was attended by Joaquín Landero on drums.

Art by Jonathan “Abyssmo” Cheuquen Oviedo.


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