PERHAPS '4' Neon Pink Vinyl LP

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Please note : This is NOT a Riot Season release, the album is being released on US label Echodelick. I am merely taking some copies to cover my UK & EU customers who no doubt love Perhaps as much as I do!. Customers in the US may find it easier (and cheaper) to buy direct from the Echodelick website direct of course

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Now i'll get busy packing and posting it.

Thanks! Andy/RS

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artist: PERHAPS
title: ‘4'
label: Echodelick Records
format: Neon Pink Vinyl LP

LP Tracklisting

A. Part 1
B. Part 2

Blurb :

The 4th album of the universal space rock band Perhaps that is a collective of wayward souls led by Jim Haney. Miraculous album created by telepathy and fate will be released from Echodelick Records on vinyl 29th December 2021.

1 Song, 40 minutes! Mind-blowing music that fuses komische patterns, darting electronics, oscillations, vintage synths, acoustic instrumentation, free jazz and Psychedelia into one sound that redefines any remaining boundaries of Space-Rock. Everything is woven seamlessly and creates an opportunity for the listener to become lost in the controlled chaos. Resistance is futile.

“4 is a huge album and is one of the most layered albums that we’ve done. There were about 15 musicians involved and everyone approached it from a different angle. It was a huge experiment and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It is the really “over the top” record that I’ve always wanted to make. I don’t think we will ever be able to make something more intense and layered than 4. ” Jim Haney, 2021