FAMILIA DE LOBOS 'Familia de Lobos' Promo CD-R

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This is a promo CD-R (not a factory pressed CD) and is made for radio/press/distro purposes only. I've got a few extra copies made up with the bands consent so here they are. It's a CD-R with onbody print inside a printed card sleeve. One off pressing.

A little note about CD-R’s. They are notoriously awkward to play on some CD players. The more expensive the CD player the less likely they are to play in my experience. Please don’t buy unless you know CD-R’s play on your player if possible. Once again ... these are not like proper factory pressed CD’s. That’s why they are easy to make and cheaper than a shop bought CD.

title: Familia de Lobos
catalogue # N/A
format: CD-R

CD-R Tracklisting

1. Todo Lo Que Brilla (7:14)
2. El Viento Y La Luz (5:33)
3. Sangria (7:19)
4. Mi Amor Salvaje (6:15)
5. Familia De Lobos (Preludio) (3:15)
6. Conquista Del Desierto (Canto De Precipicio) (4:25)
7. Familia De Lobos (7:38)


Familia De Lobos (translates to Family Of Wolves) are a psychedelic rock band formed in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"this sounds like the soundtrack to a South American spaghetti western"

The band consist of

Eric Moreno (guitar and voice)
Charly Cross (guitar)
Maria Anselmo (bass drum and percussion)
Andres Merlo (Synthesizers)
Matias blanco (percussion)
y Fermin ugarte (bass)

A dense and mantric sound spits from Familia de Lobos, their first album, recorded in early 2016. A sound formed by the mix of valve amps and pre-columbian instruments, from the southern region of Latin America.

Throughout its sound is easy to perceive the influence of 70's rock/psychedelia going along with the sounds of 'bombo legüero', 'caja bagualera', ‘quenas', ‘zampoñas', 'palo de lluvia' and other aboriginal instruments, assembled over a thick synth atmosphere, contributing modernity and spatiality.

From their lyrics and aesthetic, Familia de Lobos intends to restore the bond between the human being, the earth and the living forms in it; the re-connection of himself and his most primitive emotions, sharing and restoring in that way, the spiritual world of the original people from south american, in the context of modern life.