ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE 'Myth Of The Love Electrique' CD

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title: 'Myth Of The Love Electrique'
catalogue # REPOSECD012
formats: CD

CD Tracklisting

1. The Man From Giacobinid Meteor Comet (21:25)
(a) Giacobinid Meteor Shower Attack
(b) Viva Astro Django
(c) Sailing On Giacoboni's Orbital

2. Five Dimensional Nightmare (13:41)
(a) The Golden Apple And 400 Wives
(b) Magic Fingers Of The Undesired Fiend
(c) Or A Spell For Sargasso Of Space

3. Love Electrique (19:38)
4. Pink Lady Lemonade (May I Drink You Once Again?) (20:40)

Release Info :

Musically sitting somewhere between their 1997 self titled debut album (PSF) and the classic 'out-there' double album 'Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!!!)' (Staticresonance), 'Myth Of The Love Electrique' explores the many shades of the AMT sound, managing to be both wild and beautiful at the same time.

From the 'in the red' guitar driven album opener 'The Man From Giacobinid Meteor Comet', to some quieter acoustic passages during 'Five Dimensional Nightmare', to the total meltdown felt halfway through the 20 minute 'Love Electrique'. 'Myth Of The Love Electrique' fully explores the whole AMT sound for the first time in years. Live favourite 'Pink Lady Lemonade (May I Drink You Once Again?)', a staple of any AMT live show, is included here on an AMT album for the first time in its normal length, complete with added space whispers from new AMT girl Kitagawa Hao, who fills the now departed Cotton Casino's tiny shoes elegantly.