AKTOR 'Placebo' Vinyl LP

AKTOR 'Placebo' Vinyl LP


artist: AKTOR
title: 'Placebo'
format: Black Vinyl LP

LP Tracklisting

1. Bad Mirror 3:10
2. Washed Away 3:52
3. Save You From Me 3:35
4. Astronaut 5:07
5. You and Me 5:09
6. The Ghost of Time 4:08
7. Get Me Outta Here 4:14
8. Seeing Rocks in the Sky 6:12
9. Clean Machine 4:22

The intercontinental rock trio AKTOR release their sophomore album, entitled Placebo. Drawing from the 70s’ heavy rock and the 80s’ Top 40 pop alike, the album is fit to lead the Adult Contemporary Heavy Metal genre for 2020.

A musical pathway to the worlds of universal distance and awkward intimacy, the multi-melodious blend of acoustic, electric, and electronic instrumentation on Placebo provides a deep foundation for singer Chris Black’s inquisitive lyrics and smashing choruses.

While the myriad propelling forces behind AKTOR – Jussi Lehtisalo, Tomi Leppänen and Chris (Professor) Black – may seem cloaked in the mystery called abundance, the addictive nature of their eclectic blend is no mystery at all.

For fans of Circle, Dawnbringer, Pharaoh Overlord, Alan Davey, Sandy Pearlman, Angel Rat, Mental Vortex, Roky Erickson, Rickenbacker, Rainbow Road, and Paranoia (the first AKTOR album, of course)